DAUS is an original supernatural genre forum RP with a murder mystery twist. There is no word count and we have a very easy freestyle app. Here we like to encourage creativity and member driven plots and offer a lot of freedom in terms of your characters and the stories you create. DAUS takes place in a small town outside of Seattle, WA called Cheshire near Tiger Mountain Park. It is currently:

March - May 2013

Feel free to poke around all you'd like, we'd love to have you join us. To answer a frequent question from the c-box, we are active. We are, however, a small site right now so there are times when no one is online. If you have questions and no one is around to answer them, leave them in the Suggestion Box forum and an admin will get to them later that day.

8 male, 7 female
11 male, 12 female
0 male, 4 female
1 male, 3 female
13 male, 9 female
5 male, 2 female
4 male, 5 female
3 male, 5 female
6 male, 5 female
1 male, 0 female
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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Abraham Hawkins Inactive 27-March 17 4
ADHD Applying 21-August 17 0
Agnes Merrick Banshee 1-November 15 48
Alaric Cavallo Vampire 2-March 17 223
Alejandro Diaz Witch 26-September 17 15
Alex Marshall Shapeshifter 1-September 16 105
Alia Moderator 11-April 17 4
Alice Graves Witch 13-April 14 85
Amelia Devlin Applying 29-July 17 0
Amethyst Chernyy Human 27-February 17 34
Anastasia Marshall Shapeshifter 17-January 17 37
Andrew Kinna Inactive 18-February 17 16
Andromeda Rhodes Werewolf 6-May 16 106
Angel Castillo Inactive 27-March 17 7
Annabelle Langley Human 15-April 14 42
Anonymous Admin 5-June 12 15
Archer Daniels Inactive 23-August 17 1
Asher Bondurant Werewolf 5-June 15 103
August Ward Inactive 2-September 15 53
Aurora Henry Human 8-April 17 37
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skin by jae/nicole (i, ii, iii, iv, v). mini profile by jae/nicole.
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