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» Heaven or Hell [M], - Viktor
Viktor Delgado
 Posted: Jan 16 2018, 11:08 AM
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I am just an Mean, Evil, S.O.B.

As Viktor softly kissed along Pandora’s neck, her words of trying to say his name, of trying to tell him something only spurred him on. The feeling of her body responding, the heavy breathing, and then when she pressed her butt against his hard and aroused manhood he couldn’t hold back a soft moan of his own. The passion and desire for this young woman continuing to grow like a conflagration burning thru his body. If only he was actually tasting her flesh and feeling her warm body underneath him…

As Pandora released another moan Viktor kissed right below her ear and whispered, “Yeesss ismerős vagyok let go of your fear, embrace the passion and take the pleasure my mind is offering. Do not be afraid of the passion, you can have it all, it is yours but for the asking.” Then pressing himself tightly to her, he slid his hands around her body and pulled her upright tightly against him. Embracing her as she rode out her orgasm once again. Running his tongue back down her neck and he gently gave a kiss to the base of her neck before giving it little love bite.

When Pandora turned around to face Viktor, he kept her in his arms, pulling her to be back against him tightly again. His eyes gazed lustfully at her blushing face. He moved closer, pausing with his lips just a scant breath from touching her sensuous lips. Viktor answered Pandora’s unasked question simply and directly. “Give in to your desires ismerős vagyok,” he whispered to her with his own voice breathy with desire. One arm wrapped around her waist to hold her in his embrace and the other slowly sliding up to caress her back until his hand reached her head and held it.

Concentrating on Pandora as the beautiful queen of passion that he saw her as, Viktor quickly pressed his lips to hers. Kissing her tenderly once more and tracing his tongue lightly along her lips, wanting her to give in to her desire and kiss him back. He wanted to feel her passion released in a fiery kiss that would show that she hungered for the same thing he did. He wanted her to relinquish herself to him once and for.

@Pandora Delacroix
Pandora Delacroix
 Posted: Jan 17 2018, 02:30 AM
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© Dee

Pandora didn’t know if it was because of feeling the way her Professor was responding to her moan, or the way he urged her on to let go and not try to stop the pleasure being released inside her, but she found that the man as a whole was pushing her further over that edge and making it impossible to ignore how it felt. Especially with the way he ran his hands up from her hips to wrap around her body and pull her whole quivering frame against him. Causing her legs to slightly shake as he licked along her neck to kiss and gentle bite her. Making her moan a bit more as she held upon her dress for dear life while being held against his firm body and excitement to ride out the climax.

Feeling as if his arms around her was the only thing keeping her up because of the tremble in her legs.

Even when she slowly turned around once she could move her body again, Pan felt as if she would lose balance if she even tried to take a step because of how weak in the knees she was feeling. Which only seemed to increase with looking up at him and seeing the way he was gazing at her while keeping her held close to him. Causing her to feel his hard bulge pressed against her front side. And with him answering her unspoken question, urging her again to give in and not resist herself, her panting breath caught in her throat with how close he was to her lips. Her hands slowly letting go of her dress completely as she started to feel herself doing as he urged while feeling his hands moving along her back and into her hair to hold her even more against him.

And with Professor Delgado closing the gap between their lips, there was no way that Pandora could even try to fight the way she was feeling.

So with another soft sound pouring from her throat and onto his lips, she opened her own to invite his tongue to dance along hers. Kissing him back gently at first as her hands moved to press against his chest. But as she found herself sinking further and further into letting go, Pandora slowly moved her hands up to wrap around his shoulders as her kissing deepened. The flutter of wanting and nervousness causing another vocalization of how it was affecting her to leak out into his mouth. Suddenly feeling as if she was crossing the point of no return while clinging onto her Professor for dear life as they kissed.

@Viktor Delgado
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