DAUS is an original supernatural genre forum RP with a murder mystery twist. There is no word count and we have a very easy freestyle app. Here we like to encourage creativity and member driven plots and offer a lot of freedom in terms of your characters and the stories you create. DAUS takes place in a small town outside of Seattle, WA called Cheshire near Tiger Mountain Park. It is currently:

March - May 2013

Feel free to poke around all you'd like, we'd love to have you join us. To answer a frequent question from the c-box, we are active. We are, however, a small site right now so there are times when no one is online. If you have questions and no one is around to answer them, leave them in the Suggestion Box forum and an admin will get to them later that day.

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New Posts Law of the Land
All mandatory reads are kept within. Please check out our rules and plot and don't be afraid to contact a member of staff with any questions.
13 0 Oct 8 2017, 09:12 AM
In: Last PostLORE: Sirens
By: Anonymous
New Posts The Daily Herald
Check here regularly for information about site updates and news, activity checks and OTMs!
13 18 Nov 2 2017, 07:17 PM
In: Last PostNew Locations!
By: Ceri
New Posts Suggestion Box
If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to post them in this guest friendly forum.
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New Posts Paperwork
The blank application can be found in here. Please post your application in the 'New' subforum and any unfinished applications in 'Pending'. Don't forget to bump your app when you've finished though.
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1 1 Apr 4 2014, 08:17 PM
By: Anonymous
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Accepted applications are stored here, sorted by member group.
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Once accepted, don't forget to complete your claims! Please note the face claim, member index, occupation claim, and species specific claims are all required.
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By: Anonymous
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For those that need a thread tracker to keep their business in order, feel free to post here! Please only maintain one tracker per member.
6 39 Dec 2 2017, 03:55 AM
In: Last PostMy Brain
By: William Cavallo

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New Posts Plot Pages
For plotty awesomeness, post here! You can choose to either post one comprehensive one for all your characters or separate one's for each.
25 27 May 11 2017, 09:15 PM
In: Last PostMoonlight and Sunsets
By: Travis Blackburn
New Posts Wanted Ads
Looking to make a new character, but hoping for one that already has connections to the kids running around here? Check out the want ads! This forum is guest friendly
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48 32 Jan 2 2018, 05:23 AM
In: Last PostCuddles Needed!
By: Eve Ashmore
New Posts Communications
Did you hear the new gossip and have to spread it? Do you have to share a secret and can't wait another moment? Or perhaps you just need to stay in touch. Here's where all phone, text, email, IM, and snail mail can happen.
7 40 Aug 24 2017, 12:37 PM
In: Last PostCan't Help but Think of...
By: Alice Graves
New Posts Journals
Sometimes we have a lot of deep thoughts that we just need to let out--if your character keeps a journal, feel free to post it right here!
2 0 Nov 12 2017, 08:36 PM
In: Last PostLindsey's Sketchbook
By: Lindsey Nicholson
New Posts Inspiration Boards
A forum for all possible character inspirations you have. Playlists, gifs and gif sets, pictures, quotes, or whatever inspires you and your character. Feel free to post it here. Look inside for a thread to request your very own forum.
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19 11 Jan 10 2018, 07:48 AM
In: Last PostViktor Delgado
By: Viktor Delgado

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New Posts Main Street
In a town like Cheshire, Main Street is called Main Street for a reason. This is the road that runs straight through the middle of the town and is the only way in or out at both ends. Along the North end of Main are smaller middle class two and three bedroom houses. The ones directly along Main are older styles and Victorian influenced where the ones along all the side streets and neighborhoods get to be newer house the farther out you go. Directly along South Main is all businesses and community buildings like the Library, Town Hall, Police and Fire Station, the couple local Banks, and so on. Like with the Northern half there are side streets full of businesses as well.
Subforums: Cheshire Firestation, Cheshire Police Station, Museum of Unnatural Curiosities, Cheshire Library

10 62 Yesterday at 04:25 am
In: Last PostScream!
By: Lindsey Nicholson
New Posts Restaurants and Cafes
There are restaurants and little cafes scattered all over Cheshire though many of them culminate around the center of town. There aren't a lot of chain stores here, you'll have to go to a bigger city for those but they do have a lot of locally and family owned substitutes. Diners, Sandwich shops, Chinese, Italian, Pizza, Smoothies, Coffee. There might not be a lot here but you're almost guaranteed to find something to fill your cravings.
Subforums: Sugar & Spice Bakery, La Nuit Steakhouse

4 34 Jan 14 2018, 07:46 PM
In: Last Poststranger days ahead
By: Remy Coeur
New Posts Entertainment
Have I mentioned that Cheshire is small yet? With small town comes a certain level of boringness and you'd have to head to Seattle for anything really exciting but there are some things here to keep you entertained. We have a movie theater and a bowling alley, a skating rink, an arcade, a playhouse, a concert hall, and a few other exciting things to do on your Friday and Saturday nights.
Subforums: Sinners and Saints Tattoo

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New Posts Shopping Center
Yay shopping! Everyone's favorite past time, right? Right? Cheshire has a small mall and a scattering of small businesses in the southern half of town. We may not have as fancy of stores like in Seattle but you'll find anything and everything you'll looking for for a good price.
Subforums: Anders Auto, Happy Paws Grooming Salon, Black Cat Salon

5 31 Yesterday at 05:49 am
In: Last PostA new mate?
By: Tam Keli
New Posts City Park
Cheshire actually has three main parks. One is behind Town Hall in the center of town and the other two are located at opposite ends of the town in the north east and south west areas of residences. There is lots of safe play equipment and benches and shady trees as well as pavilions for rent for parties and cookouts.
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New Posts Cheshire School District
The school district of Cheshire includes an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school. These are all pretty standard school districts, K-5, 6-9, and 10-12 and run like any other school district would though will very small class sizes. There is usually one or two teachers per grade in elementary school and subject based teachers that rotate to whatever class in middle and high school. There are day cares and preschools and homeschooling done outside of the school districts as well if that's more what you need. Though Cheshire doesn't have it's own community college there are community classes that can be signed up for through the local Rec Center.
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New Posts Residential Areas
The majority of residences in Cheshire are mostly houses and a few town homes. There aren't really apartments here in Cheshire though there are some rented houses that have been modified into apartment size pieces. Most of what you'll find here is two and three bedroom homes varying in condition and size. The more expensive homes are located in the west with the privacy of the woods behind them and the cheaper homes are in the northeast section of town. Everything else is rather normal and pretty much just varies on the amount of care the owner has for the property.
Subforums: Greyson House, Blackwater Estate, Ashmore House, Marquise Manor

31 625 15 minutes ago
In: Last PostScream!
By: Max Brennan
New Posts The Woods
The woods are all around the east and west portions of the city. The eastern woods merge into the Tiger Woods after awhile where the western woods are thinner and more flat. A lot of townies like to go for walks through here or just go out for camping. The supernatural community know that the closer you get to Tiger Mountain the closer you are to the wolf packs that call those woods their hunting grounds. They are only truly dangerous on the full moon but there is still that knowledge that going in there alone - especially at night - isn't something you want to do.
Subforums: Rhodes Barn

2 22 Dec 7 2017, 06:38 AM
In: Last PostAll of Me
By: Travis Blackburn
New Posts Other Places in Cheshire
Cheshire may be small but there are likely places in the city limits that we weren't able to cover here. If there's anywhere else within Cheshire you want to play that isn't covered by the forums above, here's where your threads can go.
Subforums: Cheshire Medical Center, Cheshire Veterinary Clinic, Cheshire Community Church, Starlight Inn

6 64 Jan 15 2018, 02:24 PM
In: Last PostWhen the Dog Bites
By: Samuel Hart

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New Posts Seattle
Seattle sits about 40 minutes away from the town of Cheshire. Just take the road out of town and hop on the nearby Interstate 90 and take it right into the heart of downtown Seattle.
Subforums: University of Washington, The Violet Vixen, Jaeger Security Firm, Blackwell Inc.

22 593 18 minutes ago
In: Last PostDancing Beauty
By: Ophelia Jones
New Posts Tiger Mountain Park
Tiger Mountain National Park sits right in Cheshire's backyard. Within Cheshire's borders sits some woodlands but outside of those borders is the thick and twisting woodlands of the Park. This is open for everyone and free of charge and popular for hiking when the weather allows. This is also a common meeting ground for the werewolves of the area.
Subforums: Ranger's Cabin

3 96 Dec 15 2017, 03:13 AM
In: Last PostAll I Need [M]
By: Jackson Vaughan
New Posts Washington
Anywhere you might want to go in Washington outside of Cheshire, the Park, or Seattle would go in here. There are lots of great places to visit within the entire state.
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New Posts Around the World
Does your character commonly leave Washington state? If that's the case you can play out those threads here. This includes any thread in the United States (outside of Washington) and any thread outside of the country.
1 19 Jan 16 2018, 10:42 AM
In: Last PostFall of the House of Death
By: Kade Mathis
New Posts The Past
Here's where you can play out any events in your character's timeline that might have happened before they started here on DAUS. Do you want to write when your character was bitten or first shifted? Maybe when their powers manifested? Or perhaps when some tragedy happened in their life or they met someone important. Whatever it is you can play it out here.
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New Posts Alternate Universe
Here is where you can play out whatever creative ideas you might have for your characters that might not fit in with the site story line. Gender switching? Species switch? Or perhaps you just want to explore them in another setting with different characters around them. You can create any situation or universe you want here. Just make sure you're clear about the differences.
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New Posts OOC Chat
This is a place where you can just talk to other members on DAUS, poll for various ideas, maybe get help on a character you're thinking of making. In here is also the Graphics requests if you want a fancy set of avatars or just something for fun. The LOA forum is also here in case you need to let us know about being absent.
Subforums: LOA Forum

2 1 Sep 28 2016, 07:43 AM
By: Jamie Marsh
New Posts Games
For all your gaming needs. A lot of people really enjoy playing these little games to relax and to boost their muses. If you have a game you want to start or play one that someone put up, here's where you go to do it.
5 72 Mar 29 2017, 08:41 AM
In: Last PostWhat are you listening to?
By: Alaric Cavallo
New Posts Advertising
GUEST FRIENDLY. All Advertising goes here. You can also find the thread to request to affiliate if you would like to affiliate with DAUS.
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1186 69 Jan 16 2018, 12:24 AM
In: Last PostLochland Grove[jcink]
By: LG Team
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In: Last PostOrder reasonable vigra no i...
By: Rozaldnaf

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