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» Trashed and Scattered, - Jae
Jae-Eun Seong
 Posted: Jan 4 2018, 08:00 PM
Jae-Eun Seong
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Jae gave a short amused laugh at her response. "Fair enough." At least he was correct in assuming that she didn't seem to be the type to care about what people thought of her. The comment about telling the truth was interesting though. Whether or not he fully believed her story about vampires, she obviously believed it, and if she was in and out of hospitals enough for injuries related to her belief in the supernatural... was he patching up a hunter right now? Jae wasn't naive enough to think that all hunters were bad and saw the world in black and white... but knowing that those did exist was enough to make him wonder about the woman on the table.

She seemed interested in what kind of things he'd heard and even though his mother's beliefs and what she'd taught him wasn't usually a conversational point he usually focused on, he found it strangely enjoyable to discuss all this with her in their own way. "A lot of stories. She considers herself a shaman or a medicine woman so I'd hear about faeries and shapeshifters and spirits. Werewolves, some about vampires...." Wheeling his side table over with a plastic tub on it for the glass, Jae started to carefully remove the larger pieces and assess if she'd need any stitches back here too.

He kept talking though, figuring the distraction and something to focus on might help her like it tended to help other patients. "Predominently a lot of Korean and Chinese folklore. Like of the kumiho, dokkaebi, ungnyeo, haetae, and imugi." The surgeon listed off, to name a few. He'd only ever heard the stories in Korean though, so he almost hoped she didn't ask for a specific story since he'd have to figure out the translation on the fly while working.

Once he'd gotten the larger pieces out and got some gauze to cover the cuts while he worked on getting the smaller pieces with his magnifiers and some larger tweezers, Jae took the first moment of silence between them and asked his own curious question. "I know you're going to leave the hospital as soon as you're done, but you don't have to travel far, I hope? I'd hate for all this hard work to go to waste just to have you collapse on the side walk or get in a car wreck." Not to mention the fact that she was going to need follow up care, but he'd planned on getting to get to that once he'd finished.

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