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» Moonlight and Sunsets, Kane's Werewolves and Shifters
Travis Blackburn
 Posted: May 11 2017, 09:15 PM
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Jack Allen Weston
Jack has been described as an ornery cuss, shifty rascal, and an old codger. For the most part, he is a ‘No Holds Barred’ kind of man. He lives by his own rules and code, and doesn’t give a damn about the niceties of society and the rules of the world at large. He has been making his way in the world basically on his own since his late teens. He is a drinker with an adventurous soul and a larcenous, roguish nature. He has also been known to break out in old country songs when he is drunk.

He is a skilled locksmith and works well with animals. Having grown up on a ranch he knows a thing or two about handling farm equipment and a good bit about husbandry. He is the kind of man to help a neighbor out for nothing more than a shared drink or two, even if it takes all day to finish the task. Though he will likely run his mouth most of the day while getting things done. While he is not generally industrious, his is not lazy either.

Everything he owns fits in his old four wheel drive pick up and the horse trailer he tows behind it for his best friend, Roy. Roy is a 4-year-old full blood Quarter Horse Stallion.

Friends / Family
Being somewhat new to the area of Cheshire, Jack doesn’t know anyone that lives here. So he doesn’t really have any friends. At times he can be a real friendly sort though, but that often is after he has had a drink or two. Before that he tends to be ornery and a ‘do things his own way’ kind of guy. Not that he is a ‘Bad’ man or even mean, he just doesn’t really give a damn about the niceties of society.

Jack doesn’t have any blood relatives in the area and he is not even sure if he has any relatives left alive back in Texas. But he does consider Penny, Krista, and Miranda Summers as his kin. They are as close to family as he has left anymore. While he started out as ‘Uncle Jack’ to the girls when they were little and their mamma was alive, he became a bit of a dysfunctional father figure for Krista after the death of her parents. Now Jack would like to reconnect and see the girls again, getting to know them and see how they turned out.

While Jack is getting older, he does still like the pretty girls and flirting with them. What he really prefers though are strong, independent women who are like him and don’t take no shit off of anyone else. Often when a woman like this tries to tell him off, it only increases his interest and makes him want to get to know her even better. He can be an ornery old cuss, but his heart is in the right place… most of the time.

Jack isn’t sure but he may still be a wanted outlaw in a few places in the Midwest. The statue of limitations has run out on most of the crimes of his youth, but there might still be a few places out there looking for him. Thus he is not too cooperative with police and doesn’t like to deal with the local law enforcement.

Solomon Conner Atticus Dawson
With all of the horrors he has seen in his life, the pain, suffering, and violence, you would think that he would have been broken by the weight of it. That the dark times he has witnessed would fill him with hate and leave him a worn out husk. But not so, he fed all of that pain, remorse, and violence to his Wolf. The more he fed the Wolf, the stronger it got, but the more humane his human nature became. The two sides of Conner stand in stark contrast to each other. The human musician, lover, friend, compatriot, and free spirit shines thru the darkness and he brings light and comfort to all around him whenever possible.

The Black Wolf, on the other hand is dangerous, violent, feral, and above all a Protector. Battle hardened over the decades; the Black Wolf is fierce and strong willed. He fights whenever invoked and drives aside any thoughts of repercussions and right or wrong. He only knows hunt and protect.

Friends / Family
So many gone, too many have died. 2 wars overseas and now with the war that was lost in Alabama to the hunters, his old friends are few and far between, mostly scattered to the 4 winds. He has outlived most of his childhood friends and the majority of his pack has been killed. Conner now needs and seeks new friends. Easygoing people, people who like to have fun, and those that have a dedication to their own beliefs always attract him. Conner can be pretty easy going and friendly himself. He is welcoming to strangers and willing to talk to most anyone. He likes to use music as a common ground to get to know people.

Though there be lots of Dawson both above and below Birmingham, his immediate family has mostly all died now. He has had no contact with them and they think he died back in World War 2. He promised his little sister Hannah, that he would stay away from them and spare them the pain of knowing the truth. He won’t go back on that word. But there are Dawsons, especially in Northern Alabama that are related and carry the gene. Many of them have been killed by the war with the hunters. There are still some stragglers out there though, not to mention Nieces and Nephews he has never met. He comes from a VERY large family with lots of children who tend to grow up and have lots of children themselves.

One doesn’t get to be this age without having been around the block a few times and on both sides of the fence. Under that rough and sometimes wild exterior lies the heart of a romantic. Moonlit walks, flowers, little gifts for no reason, those intimate little touches at unexpected moments, and the attention to always let you know he is thinking about you. Not to be confused with being clingy, he loves his freedom and respects others enough to give them theirs as well. He is just one to make the most of the time they have together.

He has dated on and off over the years, but never found a mate. He has garnered a lot more attention from his musical activities and discovered that it is a really good way to meet people. “Friends, playmates, and potential mates seem to really enjoy my music and find me mildly entertaining at other times as well,” he says with a grin. “You know what they say, the girls always go for the guys in the band.”

HUNTERS, HUNTERS, HUNTERS EVERYWHERE! Run, Fight, Bite, protect the young pups! Yes, he has had enemies. Unlike many he doesn’t have as strong as an aversion to Witches and other Supernaturals that some Wolves might have. He comes from a pack that allied themselves with a Witch Coven to the benefit of all. So it is mostly Vampires and Hunters who raise his hackles. His old pack was decimated and practically wiped out by hunters back in Alabama. So there is always the possibility of them tracking down the remnants of his old pack to finish exterminating them.

Travis Winchester Blackburn
Travis is a friendly and sincere man who believes in compromise and tolerance. He is a firm believer in the freedom to live one’s life on your own terms, so long as you do no harm to others. He is a natural protector, especially of his family, but others as well. He is the kind of man to step in when he sees something wrong or to help those in need. He believes in being a part of the community one lives in and giving back to that community for its support.

He is a diligent and hard working man, never expecting others to just give him what he hasn’t earned. He has always worked for what he has and values hard work and achievement. He does not expect anything of others that he himself is unwilling to do. Travis is a man who accepts responsibility for his own actions and does expect others to be similarly responsible for their own actions.

Travis is a respectful man who in turn expects to have the respect he has earned. He values independent thinkers and those who are willing to stand up for themselves and others. He likes people who aren’t afraid to say what they are thinking and to express their opinions, even when they might not be popular opinions.

This is not to say that Travis is naïve, on the contrary, he recognizes that there is good and bad in this world. But he believes much of life falls into the gray areas in between those extremes of good and bad. While there are good and bad people, more often it is just normal people in the middle that sometimes have good or bad behaviors.

Friends / Family
Family first, always has been that way for Travis. His little sister Surreal IS his family and he has lived much of his adult life working to protect, support, and help provide for her. Not that she really needs it, but that is just how Travis is, the older protective brother. Much of what he has done has been about them as a family. His priorities place his own needs and life below and after making sure that the family is taken care of and that Surry is taken care. Even the fact that he left England for the Americas was due to Surreal’s dreams and aspirations. Though it was the right move for him too, he did it because of his love for her. At this point, Surreal is the most important thing in his life. So much so, that they are living together again. Though he must admit that she might feel a little different about it, but for him, it just feels right like this is how it is supposed to be.

Growing up Travis could not have been called an overly popular child, but he has always had friends. He has always had a circle of friends to hang out and have fun with. With being assigned and relocated to the Tiger Mountain State Park by the U.S. Park Services he has had to start again. It can be a slow process for him, but he is very loyal and caring towards his friends once those relationships develop. He is a friendly man in general; always striving to treat others well. He likes to hang out and have fun. Even trying to have fun at work and enjoy his job. On that scene, he would like to think of his boss, as a friend. They have a good working relationship and friendly demeanor towards each other.

Having devoted more of his time to his family, Travis has not had many lovers. That is not to say there haven’t been dates, some one-night stands, and hook ups just for the mutual benefit of all involved. His longest relationship was with a friend in college that developed into more of a Friends With Benefits situation.

Travis is quite open to dating and can be kind of an old fashioned romantic. But he does not assume that others are into the romance and likes to let things develop how they will. He likes for dating to fun for everyone involved. He values family and would like to someday raise a family of his own with someone special.

Travis doesn’t really have enemies. He is a friendly and sincere man who believes in compromise and tolerance. Though his father comes close being an enemy having fallen into the bottle and practically abandoned the family.

Evangeline Maxine Ashmore
Eve could aptly be described as being affectionate, protective, and fiercely loyal. She is strong and tough, in good physical condition and enjoys athletic and outdoor activities. She is one of those people who tends to touch when talking to someone and prefers hugs to handshakes. Often accompanied by kisses to cheeks in greeting. Over all Eve is a very physical person, both in activities and in personal interactions.

Eve is smart, though by no means a genius, and has good common sense. She is willful and stubborn, not easily convinced to change her mind once it is made up. Though basically honest, she is not above lying when necessary. Life has taught her that not everyone deserves the truth and sometimes she has to be deceptive to protect others or herself. She is not someone who could be described as cold and emotionless. She freely shows her feelings, happy, sad, or angry, she doesn’t keep things bottled up inside for long.

Eve likes to have fun and is not really a loner by nature. She prefers to have company when having a good time. She doesn’t need crowds around her or to be the center of attention, but does like to be around other people. While she is not the most social person out there, she is by no means a recluse. She is quite capable of entertaining herself when necessary.

Friends / Family
Though she can be a bit overprotective and even a bit jealous at times, it is only because she cares so much about her family. Daddy Cain and Uncle Lucas didn’t just save her life, they took her in, gave her a real home, cared for her, and made her feel safe at a time that she was nothing more than a frightened and alone little kitten. Though she is very strong willed and might try to wheedle her way around things, there really isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for her family.

Growing up Eve was not one of the popular kids, always kind of feeling like an outsider. But she has friends that she made in school and now at work too. Eve is pretty friendly in general and tries to treat others at least politely. She likes to hang out and have fun, whether that is at the movies, a club, or just window-shopping at the mall. Even trying to have fun at work and enjoy her job, though when the time comes, she is very serious about what she does. She tries to maintain a good working relationship and friendly demeanor towards others at work.

Eve has not really made many enemies. The girl she scarred back at the overseas orphanage would probably consider her an enemy. Of course Hunters would tend to be enemies as well, as they typically seek to kill all Supernaturals. There are a few rough and tumble guys that she has embarrassed by kicking their butts. They didn’t take well to a young girl handing them their asses in a fight.

Eve’s father was a Russian expatriate of Slavic descent and her mother was of Hindu descent. Both of them were Tiger Shifters, her mother a Bengal tiger and her father was a Siberian tiger. Eve takes after her father in many ways.

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