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» All of Me
Travis Blackburn
 Posted: Dec 7 2017, 06:38 AM
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While Travis loved to hear Andy say she loved him, it was more than just the look in Andy’s eyes as she looked into Travis’ eyes, it was more than the words she said, it was in the tone and emotion conveyed behind the words, it was the feel of her body pressed to his and the way that made him feel. As Travis’ senses were becoming heightened, they only brought in even stronger the sense of connection and love between them. Travis knew how he felt about Andy in no uncertain terms and with no more doubts. But even more so now he was coming to accept that she too felt the same way about him and that it was a shared feeling, a connection that went beyond the normal senses and feelings they could express.

When Andy said ‘you’re my soulmate’ it sent a shiver down Travis’ spine and rang so true it was like the universe itself had aligned to make it happen. This was no romance novel fantasy of soulmates. This was what the real thing felt like, this was reality, and Travis knew the truth of it and felt the same way. The wolf in his mind approved of and even guided his next words. “Mates for life… there shall NEVER be another besides you.”

@Andromeda Rhodes
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