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» Setting Up Shop, Cici
Sunshine Delavan
 Posted: Oct 22 2017, 02:37 PM
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26 years old
owner of wicked wicks
© Brinee

When she had arrived in Cheshire, Sunny had already put a deposit on a building that she had seen on the internet. She had fallen in love with it and decided it would be the home of Wicked Wicks. The name still amused her as she carefully applied the large stencil to the storefront with her tongue out in focus. Her eyes were slightly narrowed. Her turquoise hair was piled on the top of her head in a messy bun. It had surprised her that there weren't any candle shops in the small town. The perfect demographic with all the people in town. Everyone loved candles. It was why she had chosen that kind of business. Sunny could have gone into music with her talents, but she had always preferred a business that would keep her hands busy and her mind off of the hunger that gnawed at her at times.

It was better if she wasn't in the spotlight where someone might figure out that she wasn't human. The young woman pulled the stencil off grinning as the backwards letters shined back at her in a gold old fashioned tint. She had always loved the old time look of shopfronts even if she wasn't very old fashioned herself with her bright colored hair and array of vibrant fashions.

The music was blaring from the player as she spun around singing to the song on the radio before realizing that she had way too much to do before the opening. She hoped people would come. If not, she might have to persuade them to do so though she didn't like using her talents for her own gain. There was still so much that she didn't understand about her abilities and trying to understand them. Of course, she knew the dangers of feeding too much. It was this thought that kept her on the right track.

Sunny turned to her best friend that she had invited to help her get everything set up. Cici had been the main reason that she had moved to Cheshire. She wanted a friendly face wherever she went. Cici had been her best friend in New York, and she hadn't really had anyone to talk to after she left. Still, Sunny had her secrets. Cici still had no clue that her best friend was a Siren after all. "So, tell me about this guy Tristan? Is he your boyfriend or boytoy? If you get my meaning..." She wiggled her eyebrows. The young woman had trusted her artist friend to decorate the walls however she wanted. Sunny thought it would be a nice touch to have freehand paintings lining the walls around the shelves that currently held nothing. The candles were still in boxes that littered the middle of the floor. At least, she had her counter and cash register ready to go. The apartment upstairs currently was filled with boxes that she was currently living out of until she had gotten the store going then she would think about unpacking.

"Not that I'm judging. I'm hoping to find a boytoy myself. Someone cute and naive that I corrupt with my wicked ways. Also after we're done with the store, I hope you're going to help me unpack my apartment because you've been a lifesaver here."

Cici Alexander
 Posted: Nov 9 2017, 06:30 PM
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30 years old
art therapist
© Ceri
It might seem crazy what I'm about to say Sunshine she's here, you can take a break I'm a hot air balloon that could go to space With the air, like I don't care baby by the way Because I'm happy

When Cici had gotten the call that her best friend was planning on moving to Cheshire, the petite woman had been simply over the moon. It wasn't that Cici was even lacking for friends, but Sunny was one of her favorite people in the whole world and had missed her like crazy since moving away from New York. Especially now, with all the weird and crazy things happening to her, Cici couldn't think of anything better than having the vibrant woman close enough to see whenever she wanted.

The pair had been working on the shop all day to try and get it open for the grand opening. Cici had pretty much just asked Sunny for a mood and a color scheme and had gone for it, painting the murals freehand as the inspiration hit her. She thought they were all coming out amazingly and hoped Sunny thought so too.

Sunny's question gave Cici pause as she turned around on the step stool. She knew Sunny was going to ask about Tristan. Cici had talked about him enough since meeting him. "Of course. I have all day free to rummage through your things." She smiled, answering the simple question first. "And I don't know what he is. Neither, maybe." The blonde gave a bit of a shrug, wishing she actually had an answer.

"I really like him. He's smart and kind and makes me feel safe. We've had dinner a couple times but...nothing's happened." It was the weirdest thing. She knew that Tristan liked her too, she knew that he didn't really see them as 'just friends', but she just couldn't figure out what they were if they were more than friends but not quite in a relaitonship.

"I've never even seen him outside of his store." Cici laughed slightly, having been surprised when the realization had hit her the other day. "I just don't know what to think about any of it." Maybe she needed to just lay it all out. Maybe she needed to invite him to her place for dinner just to see if he came. Maybe she just needed to grab his face and kiss him out of the blue. She knew which Sunny would tell her to do at least.

Sunshine Delavan
 Posted: Jan 1 2018, 02:07 PM
3 posts
26 years old
owner of wicked wicks
© Brinee

There was really no one else in the world that Sunny would have trusted to help her open her shop than Cici. It was an added bonus that she would have a familiar face in the small town. A fresh start without that need to feed on every emotion around her in the city. She tried to keep her mind off of things as she asked if the blonde would be up for helping her unpack after they were done with the shop. It was more important for the teal-headed woman to make sure her shop was set up before her own apartment. The business would make her money while the apartment would just be her personal sanctuary. It could wait.

At her disappointing answer about the mystery man, Sunny turned her full attention to her best friend. She even hopped onto the counter crossing her legs shaking her head. "Wait, so he's not a boy toy or a boyfriend? That does not seem right from what I've been hearing about him." Then she rolled her eyes at Cici's description of this Tristan character. "Kind and smart sounds like boring with a side of more boring. You need to find yourself a nice dangerous bad boy. Maybe you'd make Tristan jealous and he'd get off his ass and make a move." She shrugged her shoulders like that made sense to her.

Sunshine blew some of her hair out of her face. "Never seen him outside of his shop? It sounds like he has issues. Does he even leave the shop? Oh, Cici, you are so lucky I've moved here. We can go out to Seattle, find you a guy, and you can forget about this mysterious hermit." She tilted her head to the side looking over at the sign tilting her head to the side. "Does that look straight to you?"

A part of her didn't see the attraction to kind and smart. She probably would nap if she had to go to dinner with them. Nice guys weren't her forte...and that was probably why she hadn't had any luck in the boyfriend department.

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