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Siren’s are humanoid creatures that have few issues fitting into society due to their powers and natural charisma and charms. Though physically human, Sirens are immortal, have the ability to heal themselves, and are immune to disease including an immunity to being ‘turned’ by other supernatural species. If it wasn’t for their immortality they would likely be most closely related to witches considering their largely psychic nature, but managed to stand in a class of creature all their own. The only physical trait that sets a Siren apart is their eyes. When they’re feeding, highly emotional, or actively using their powers their irises glow violet.


Immortality: Sirens are an immortal species. Because they are born and not made, sirens will on average age normally until they’ve reached their thirties before the process slows and halts altogether. If they’ve not fed in a long time they may grow weak and start to show signs of age but those will disappear upon feeding again. Similarly, Sirens who feed more frequently than normal can appear more youthful and radiant and might be able to pass for being in their twenties.

Accelerated Healing: Sirens are able to regenerate from damage sustained on their bodies. Though not at the speed of a vampire, Sirens are able to heal themselves from wounds and injury. Despite this, depending on the severity of the injury, some Sirens still seek out medical attention to speed the process along. Healing is also dependent on feeding in that a Siren who has not fed recently will heal slower than normal and a Siren who feeds after being injured can speed the process.

Telepathy: Sirens, who are largely psychic creatures, can enter into the minds of another person to communicate and access their emotions and desires. They can strengthen this with physical contact, allowing them to search the entire mind of their victims and even read surface thoughts. Sirens are capable of telepathic communication with others near them, though this is easier with touch or eye contact. They can, however, communicate with people they have a strong bond with over distances. Due to their psychic nature, Sirens are immune to vampiric mind control.

    Mind Control: Almost like hypnosis, Sirens can influence a target and manipulate them into acting however they want. Sometimes this is as simple as telepathic suggestion; implanting a thought, desire, or idea into their head until they feel compelled to act on it. Sometimes it is deeper and involves more explicit control and an almost hypnotic state for the target. This kind of action creates a psychic link between them that the Siren can use to communicate with them, control them, and even use to feed from them if they’re in the same room.

    Psychic Pain Infliction: Sirens are able to induce extreme amount of pain through their telepathic powers and is one of their main defenses. They can’t kill anyone directly with this power though complications could arise in more fragile species if the pain goes on too long.

    Psychic Illusions: Derived for their mind control, Sirens can create minor illusions, forcing their victims to see what they want. This is mainly used for disguising themselves or confusing an enemy.

    Empathic Control: A large facet of the Siren’s power comes from their empathy. As such, Sirens are often naturally charmers and charismatic people which helps them blend into society and be accepted. They can sense, manipulate, and control the emotions of others through touch, song, and commands. Siren’s often use this skill to seduce their targets for feeding by enhancing their natural emotions, some use it to control others, and some simply use it to further their own motivations.

Voice Manipulation: Sirens are able to manipulate their voice to lure their victims as fabled. They can use their voice to captivate others through singing and mimic the voices of others. Their control is so fine that they are able to generate sound waves to match the resonant frequency of glass to break it.


Magic: Sirens are immune to most psychic assaults but are still very susceptible to magic. They can be cursed, hexed, and trapped using barrier spells. Though they are immortal, it is entirely possible with the right combination of magical assault they could be killed or severely weakened.

Feeding: In order to survive, much like vampires, Sirens must feed regularly to preserve their strength, powers, and youthful appearance. Unlike vampires though, Sirens do not feed on blood but instead on emotions and psychic energies. Heightened emotions can be fed on psychically and sate their needs. Emotions like joy, grief, terror, rage, and lust are the easiest to feed from and many Sirens will use their empathy to heighten the natural emotions to increase their ‘meal’. Some Sirens alternatively like to seduce their targets and feed during intercourse to get a full spectrum of lust, pleasure, and sexual energy while they feed.

    Desiccation: If a Siren goes too long without feeding they start to grow weaker and show signs of ageing. This is one way that hunters have found it easiest to kill Sirens though the creatures rarely attract enough attention to get a hunter to come after them. If they can trap and isolate the Siren, it is possible to decapitate and burn the corpse before they can feed enough to start to heal themselves.
Addiction: One of a Siren’s biggest weaknesses are themselves and their own hunger. They can get addicted to feeding as easily as they can get addicted to the control and power their powers provide them. A Siren has more than once been responsible for feeding too deeply from a victim to throw them into a depression or cause even worse mental damages to them. Siren’s who do not control their feeding can quickly become out of control and a danger to those around them.
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