DAUS is an original supernatural genre forum RP with a murder mystery twist. There is no word count and we have a very easy freestyle app. Here we like to encourage creativity and member driven plots and offer a lot of freedom in terms of your characters and the stories you create. DAUS takes place in a small town outside of Seattle, WA called Cheshire near Tiger Mountain Park. It is currently:

March - May 2013

Feel free to poke around all you'd like, we'd love to have you join us. To answer a frequent question from the c-box, we are active. We are, however, a small site right now so there are times when no one is online. If you have questions and no one is around to answer them, leave them in the Suggestion Box forum and an admin will get to them later that day.

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Please register your account name as the first and last name in proper capitalization like "John Smith". You can request that it be changed within your member CP when you go to edit your profile if you need a name change or need to fix case. Likewise you can also ask any admin to change it for you.


To apply here on DAUS, fill out a character application and post it in the 'finished' forum for review. If you would like to post a WIP app, please post it in the forum marked 'pending'. You have one week to finish any pending apps before we move them to 'denied'. From that point you have one additional week to request it be moved back to pending before we delete the app. Please read the information on the site as well as the comments on the first post of the application template before you start writing so you can familiarize yourself with our universe. We currently do not have any restrictions on numbers of characters but please keep in mind your own limits. When apping for an additional character we will be checking for active posts on all of your other characters before we even review the application. As a warning, if we find or are made aware of any plagiarism on you app and have evidence, we WILL delete the app and ban you. We do not condone plagiarism.

Fill out your title and subtitle for the application as such:

Face Claim | Age##


We currently do not have any restrictions on numbers of characters but please keep in mind your own limits. When apping for an additional character we will be checking for active posts on all of your other characters before we even review the application. We are an original site and not based off of any one universe, because of that we don't have any premade canons and only have original characters. Due to that, please do not attempt to make characters from set universes (Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, True Blood, etc) on this site. Inspiration is fine but copying the character exactly should be avoided. We also would prefer if when making additional characters, members do not make characters directly plotted with their other characters. i.e. Playing your own family member, your own enemy, your own lover, etc. Not only does it greatly restrict your ability to share your plots with other people, we also just don't understand how it would be enjoyable.


These should be self explanatory but they still need to be said. No powerplaying, no godmoding, no doing anything abnormal or harmful to another character without talking to the other player first. We would really appreciate to never get complaints about 'so and so did this to my character or in our thread and I am totally not fine with that. On a similar note though, if you have an issue with another member or a member of staff please try and sort it out (respectfully!) over some sort of private messenger rather than talking about it in the c-box or immediately going and involving a staff member.

With activity we're looking for people who can hopefully post at least once a week that way we can better keep the plots moving and people aren't waiting around for weeks for one post. We don't really have a word count though generally aim for at least 200 words to make sure you're giving your partner enough to work with. This shouldn't be too hard to keep up on.

*If you have a thread that contains graphic or mature content, please be respectful and place an [M] at the end of the thread title to let others know.*


Our chat box is here for members to talk and plot with one another. It doesn't even have to be about the site and can be just talking about life or personal interests. It's a forum for the members to chat and connect with one another OOC. Please be respectful. While we don't mind a difference of opinion or friendly debate please be respectful about it and stop if asked. Refrain from being too profane or graphic. Do not talk about sensitive subjects like politics or religious practices. You never know what the person on the other end believes or what guest is peeking in and we aim to not offend. Also, please don't advertise other sites in the c-box or spam about them. It's disrespectful so please don't do it.


We don't do signatures here on DAUS and shy away from using images in posts (unless linked for reference). An avatar will more than suffice for all needs of showing the character off. The avatar size here is 250x400 and if you are struggling with finding or getting an avatar just ask around and someone will be wiling to help you.

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